My Room of Silence

An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?

This would be my place of silence from the hustle and bustle of life. I room where I can hear myself think. A white room with my chair by the window overlooking the trees. The smell of lavender and vanilla coming from my candle.Such a relaxing smell. And of course I would have to have my laptop. I have two major reasons why I would enjoy this room.

My first reason would be that this is my place to be in the presence of the Lord. I could meditate here and have my quiet time here. See when I want my time with Him I could take my Bible in my room and read. It’s hard to read in other rooms of the house when you have little people calling your name all of the time. I Love the little people in my house but I also love some silence at times. All mothers need a retreat and this would be mine. In this room with the noise blocked out I could hear from God without interruption. 

Now I would have a place to disappear to when I want to put my thoughts down in writing. Sitting in my chair looking out my window at the creations of the world…I write. Imagine shutting the noise out and all you have are your thoughts. In the silence I can see my thoughts coming together to create something great. The characters building in my head and the plot to put those characters in. I would write books and workbooks for the different seminars & workshops that I do. This would be my safe haven from the world!!! 


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