Why Settle???

As a single mother it baffles me why we tend to settle just so were not alone. I see this play out time and time again. While we are speaking on it I’ll be the first to say I have been that woman. We look at other people and think, oh I want what they have. But did you ever stop to think that what they have is not for you?? See God has something different for each one of us. We just have to wait on Him. I know that those words are easy to say but hard to live by. Don’t you see every time you pick that person it’s really not at all what you were looking for. How many of you are tired of settling just to have companionship? In your heart you know you want and deserve more but your scared to be alone. STOP being afraid to let go of someone that God never intended for you to have in the first place. You will never find happiness trying to do things your way.

Here is what I don’t understand why get someone that you have to take care of along with your children? Then I hear we can get through anything because we love each other. I am all for love but I have a low tolerance for crazy! Why is it okay for you to go to work and he’s at home doing nothing? Or better yet driving around in your car that you have to put gas in? And ladies don’t get to excited because there are some men out here doing the same thing. They are taking care of some women who really don’t want anything in life but a free ride. I know you thought this was going to be one-sided but you can pump your brakes because it’s not! As a woman why is it okay for us to take advantage of a good man? They do exist in this world that we live in. I feel like some men also settle because they want to have a woman in their lives. But you also need to wait on the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22)

Why are we so afraid to be alone so that we can learn who we are? How can you give a person your all when you have no idea what you have to offer? What’s wrong with dating yourself first? Ladies and Gentlemen it is very important that you learn who you are first. Also you have to make sure that you love who you are. And most importantly learn who you are in CHRIST! So often we forget that part then wonder why everything is falling apart. Don’t let fear cause you to settle! (2 Timothy 1:7) There is nothing wrong with going to a movie, lunch, dinner or the mall by yourself. It is during those alone times when you start to realize some things about yourself. Once you find who you are believe me you will never settle for less again!! From the beginning of time God never intended for us to be alone. The main reason we should wait on Him instead of chasing the fantasy of a relationship. (Genesis 2:22-24)

So I will end on this note stop settling for people who can only pull you down and block what God has for you. See sometimes that other person can come wrapped in a pretty package but be the worse gift you ever received. So the question that you better ask is who sent this gift to you! (Ephesians 5:25)


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