The Ultimate Defeat!!

1017745_702074113205911_5305461818255746874_nThat moment when you think you have everything all worked out just to have it backfire in your face, what do you do? Well you can do one of two things. You can fall to defeat or brush yourself off and have faith that God will help you through. Often  times we fall into the first scenario. We just automatically give up. Then here it comes blaming God for what didn’t go our way. Or the way we thought He told us it would go. But were you clear about what He wanted you to do? Or was it more of what you wanted to do? We must always be clear about what God is telling us so that we don’t step outside of His will. When we feel defeated emotions are on the rise, mostly anger and depression. Angry at God because we feel He left us. Or depressed because we feel like the world is over. The truth is God has never left our side!!! This is where FAITH comes in!

Haven’t you realized by now that a setback is a setup for a breakthrough!!! The enemy would LOVE for you to lose your faith in The Lord. He wants you to give up and be defeated so he can come in and totally destroy you. But you must hold tight to your faith. All we need is faith the size of a mustard seed.(Matthew 17:20) Some of you God has promised some things and you don’t see it manifesting yet…TRUST!(Hebrews 11:1) Keep the faith that it will come in God’s timing and not yours. DO NOT WALK IN DEFEAT WALK IN FAITH THAT GOD IS ALWAYS WITH YOU. REMEMBER HE KNOWS THE PLANS HE HAS FOR YOU! (JEREMIAH 29:11)



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