The New Generation Family

Have you ever wonder why the word “family” is so different today than it was years ago? As I look at my own family it’s something that has been bothering me to the core of my heart. Have I lost the meaning of this word to the point of not showing my children what it means to have family. I remember my daughter telling me one time that she felt out of place because she didn’t know her family. I was crushed because I grew up with my cousins. I look at both of my girls and they really don’t have close relationships with their cousins and they have missed out on so much. I have so many stories to look back on that I will be able to share with them. But they will never be able to experience that. Or us coming together every single Sunday after Church for dinner. Are we so new school that we can’t even sit down to have dinner together? Most of us don’t even sit down during the week for dinner so why on earth would we do it on Sunday? Oh, I recall my grandmother making food to take to the sick. Or just going to visit to see if there was anything that she could do for them but God forbid we do that now. I just remember when I was little family being important. We helped each other, you looked out for one another no matter what.

We have become a generation of teaching our children that it is more important to look out for self. Nothing could be further from the truth. And the saddest part of that statement is that as Christians we need to be teaching them the value of family-love. As for myself I have to make some major changes because I want my children to sit down as a family and have dinner like I use to do. So one day they will do the same with their families and so on. I want them to understand having the heart to want to help those in need. There are some things about the older generation that we better not forget because of them family stayed together. This new generation well lets just say family what is that? I look back at the older generation and yes they had some flaws but they understood the value of family. They fought to make sure that family stayed together. Grandmothers raised their grandchildren and other family members children if they had to just so family could stay together. Now days you better do the best you can to figure it out. So please don’t be so quick to write off the ways of the older generation  they must have done something right because they truly understood what the word family meant.

So take a look at your family and ask the question are you just getting together for family reunions or funerals? If the answer is yes this is something that you may want to change. People are dying so fast these days and the young are dying younger. I think Rev. Run had a wonderful idea bringing his family together for Sunday dinner. A time to talk, share and reflect on the week. Just a time to love on one another. To my own children I vow to you to do better as a mother when it comes to giving you the value of family.

Fake or Real

Every woman needs to understand that she is special and worthy of more than secondhand love. Never allow yourself to be treated as something cheap. You are valuable like Diamonds. Don’t make it easy for anyone to get you. Most of the time when a person wants to buy Diamonds they work hard and save up for it. Well you need to start looking at relationships the same way. Anything worth having you work for. But if you’re willing to give yourself away freely or at a discounted rate, well don’t look to have anything meaningful. We all know cubic zirconia to be fake and anyone can purchase them, but not everyone can afford Rare Diamonds. God sees you as a jewel and He has someone special just for each of us but we must wait on Him. When the Lord feels like we are ready to give our heart to that special someone He will send us the Real Deal and Delete all of the Fakes!!!