Fake or Real

Every woman needs to understand that she is special and worthy of more than secondhand love. Never allow yourself to be treated as something cheap. You are valuable like Diamonds. Don’t make it easy for anyone to get you. Most of the time when a person wants to buy Diamonds they work hard and save up for it. Well you need to start looking at relationships the same way. Anything worth having you work for. But if you’re willing to give yourself away freely or at a discounted rate, well don’t look to have anything meaningful. We all know cubic zirconia to be fake and anyone can purchase them, but not everyone can afford Rare Diamonds. God sees you as a jewel and He has someone special just for each of us but we must wait on Him. When the Lord feels like we are ready to give our heart to that special someone He will send us the Real Deal and Delete all of the Fakes!!!


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