Don’t Open That Door

Ever prayed for God to show something so that you could have clarity then still question Him? When you ask God to show you something do it with a willingness to accept what He shows you. If you really don’t want to know then don’t ask. Because most of the time it will not be the answer that you really want. I think we have a habit of wanting to unlock doors that God has already closed. Just stop and think about what your doing and ask yourself some key questions. Sometimes we want things so bad that we forget the heartache that came with that situation. He knows what is best for us so allow God to be God over your life. When He pulls you out of a situation don’t put your blinders on and jump back in. That is just like a person who can’t swim jumping a pool that is 10ft deep. What’s going to happen to them? More than likely they are going to drown! So will you if you break the lock on the door God closed. This is just a reminder when you break into a house you go to jail. Well you pick the lock to the door God closed your going to jail…it’s called BONDAGE!


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