The Spirit of Competition!

Why is there so much competition among women in the Body of Christ? This is a question that crosses my mind often. It is also something that I don’t understand. Are we not here to change the lives of the unbeliever? Well how can that ever happen when they are witness to so much discord in the Body? Is this a competition of who can be seen or is it about the winning of souls? Are we not suppose to lift one another up? Now is the time to check yourself and truly know what your motives are for doing what you do! sisterhood-women-of-soul--d-glenn-daniels

Is it important for you to be seen? When we are truly doing Kingdom work it should’t matter if you are ever seen. That should not be the motive for doing the work that you do. If you have truly been called to do a work the thing that should be on your mind is how is this pleasing to God. Seeking Him and the direction that He would have you go in should be first on your mind not how many people can see you doing the work. It sickens my heart to see such foolishness in the body. Then we wonder why unbelievers have such a hard time trusting us at our word. When they live in discord in the world why come to the Body of Christ to live in more discord and hurt. It is time to make a change because whatever it is that you do to help build the Kingdom is not about you!!! Did you get that?? Let me repeat it then IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!! What I have learned that all of the suffering was not about me but about how I could help another overcome that pain. 

I don’t know why she is trying to be like me! This statement makes my stomach turn. Get over yourself because sometimes it’s not that another is trying to be like you they just may admire you. Maybe they see themselves doing the type of work that you do and just want to learn. But in learning you must find your own identity. It is very important to know who you are before trying to step out to help another find who they are. I was at a workshop and the speaker said some things that rang out loud and clear to me. One of those things were ” BE YOU” because no one can be you like you. Own who you are ” I AM CHRISTINA SAUNDERS”. The last thing I want to say is that we all can be doing the same thing but do it being YOU. This is not a competition what it should be about is how many lives can you help change by showing the CHRIST that you serve!!!!