Sisterhood What It Really Means

So I was sitting here thinking about sisterhood. Sometimes we are quick to call another sister but what does that word really mean? Is it just a word that we use freely? Or does it truly have meaning when you say the word SISTER? Before you call another sister make sure you understand what it means to be a sister. Some of you may say well I am a sister. And this may very well be true. I’m a sister to 3 brothers but does that mean I understand true sisterhood? No it just means that I have siblings.

I wanted to talk about sisterhood because of a group of ladies that are showing me the true meaning of the word. When I looked the word up this was what I found. Sisterhood sense of ” women having some common characteristic or calling”. But I have to say that this group of ladies have truly blessed me. Some of them I have known longer than the others but yet it’s like we’ve been together a lifetime.sisterhood-women-of-soul--d-glenn-daniels They have been warm and caring since day one. Having a group of women that you can be vulnerable with so that you work through past hurt is amazing. And the best part is they love God with all of their heart.

They don’t mind sharing their stories with me. And not just the good parts but those deep dark places that caused so much pain. Showing me that I’m not alone in whatever I am going through. We pray for one another and our families. It’s all about trust and honesty. If you can’t trust each other how can you truly call yourselves sisters? I am thankful to have this sisterhood. In the time I have been with my sisters I have learned a lot about me and where I am. I have also formed a spiritual bond with my sisters. And this has to be the best thing about my sisters. When you can have a conversation about the Father and come out with knowledge that you didn’t have before is wonderful. 

Sisterhood should not just be a word that we use lightly. Sisterhood should be about trusting each other. It should be based on love for each other. The ability to be vulnerable before one another. When life has knocked you down you should be able to turn to your sisters for prayer. Sisters can talk and laugh together but most of all they can cry together. I’m finally able to close some doors from my past all because my sisters have given me the tools to move forward. I think every woman should have the experience of true sisterhood!!

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