The root of rejection can lead to so many toxic things like insecurity, resentment, anger and bitterness. If this is an issue for you I urge you to get to the root of the rejection so that you may heal.

Christina Saunders

I am rejection and I wear many hats.

I am the face of anger and I wear bitterness well! I dress in unforgiveness and my undergarment is insecurity.

I have caused you to build walls to keep people out. But really what I did was trick you into keeping God out!

I have made you think that you are worthless and no one could ever love you. Because of me you don’t know how to trust.

I am rejection!!!

Rejection has affected so many of us in so many different ways and now it’s time to heal. Take a long look at your life and write down the first time that you encountered rejection. Because until you identify the root of rejection you will never receive the healing that you need.

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