What God Sees vs People

One day as I was  strolling through instagram I see a photo that reads ” Your God-fearing Facebook updates do not cause me to forget the godless whore you were in high school!”

The minute that I read that statement I thought to myself God why can’t people leave the past where it is in the past? Then the laughter came because I thought well this is how some people view me. Oh how grateful I am that God doesn’t view me like people view me.

Then the Lord begin to show me that most people that continue to live in your past are there because they are stuck in their own past. Still holding on to grudges for things that happened to them 10 to 20 years ago. Still angry and bitter and can’t forgive those that hurt them. Then my laughter turned to sadness for those people. It truly has to be a miserable life when you can’t let go of the past. Well I know first hand how miserable that can be. I allowed what others said about me to keep me stuck looking at my past until one day God gave me a glimpse of my future. And oh what a future it is! One that will Glorify Him until the day I leave this earth. Understand this what God has purposed you for your past WILL NOT keep you from it unless you allow it to!!!! Don’t allow what people think of you to keep you from what God has called you to do. See those people have to seek God to heal those broken places so they no longer continue to be a vessel for the enemy! Keep your eye on what God has purposed you for.

I leave you with this…” For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) 


Embracing Bad Situations!

Have you ever had one bad thing after another happen to you? Well I could have been the poster child for tragedies. Walking around wondering why me Lord. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that ever asked that question. But I must say it was a constant one for me. I also thought what a horrible person I must have been in life to have to go through so much. Can you imagine saying to yourself God must not love me to let this happen to me. Well this was all before I had a true relationship with God. See when we don’t understand just how much God truly loves us our minds start to wonder. Well that is a trick of the enemy. He would have us think that God has left us through all of the bad that we go through. Well I’m here to say that all of the bad situations that you have had to endure were for the good of others. Every bad thing I’ve been through in my life was so I could show someone else how God brought me out to the other side. You have to embrace every situation in your life good and bad. But when your going through the storm know that God is right there with you and He will see you through. There is nothing like sharing your story to help another person stay above water.Image