Knowing Who You Are!

Do you really now who you are? Well I thought I knew who I was or should I say who people made me out to be. I was always looked upon as a lot of different things, all but a child of God! Then I began to see myself as others saw me. But when God looked at me He saw something so different. He saw a treasure! And now that I have Christ in my life I see that same treasure. Maybe not as clearly as God does but I now know it’s there. See people will always see what they want to see when they look @ you. But I had to stop worrying about others and say what does God see? And He does not see what others see. Letting Christ in was the best thing I could have ever done. He had a lot of things to heal inside of me. The things I had allowed to enter in from outside and some inside sources. There were words of death that were spoken over my life. And now I speak life over me and my family. God has started to opened doors for me that many will wonder how that happened. Well God did it! And I’m thankful. Never allow the enemy to have free reign over your life! You have the power and authority to speak blessings into your life. We have to stop giving the enemy so much power! I am everything that God says I am! And I stand on the promises of God. You do not have to listen to what others think of you. When people say you are not worthy and you are no good know that you are so much more! Look to God to confirm who you are and what your purpose in life is.


Depression is defined as feeling sad, blue, unhappy, miserable, or down in the dumps. So many people suffer in silence because they are ashamed to ask others for help. I find that most people try to hide or should I say mask their hurt. They struggle just to get out of bed and make it through the day. Sometimes you have to just really pay attention to the people around you. The person next to you could be fighting back the tears. It seems like depression is on the rise and being overlooked. We need to bring awareness to this disease that sucks the life right out of people. Depression causes people to feel like they are alone in this battle. I hate depression and all that it steals from you. People know and understand that there are people out here who want to help you stomp on depression. You don’t have to suffer in silence let your voice be heard. Do Not isolate yourself from the love of others. God we ask tonight that you touch those who are suffering with depression. Let them know that they are not alone. Where they feel sad give them joy. When they feel alone let them feel love. When they feel they are carrying the world on their backs give them peace. Depression happens to people from all walks of life so let’s not judge those who suffer. See them as a human being in need of help. 

The Ultimate Defeat!!

1017745_702074113205911_5305461818255746874_nThat moment when you think you have everything all worked out just to have it backfire in your face, what do you do? Well you can do one of two things. You can fall to defeat or brush yourself off and have faith that God will help you through. Often  times we fall into the first scenario. We just automatically give up. Then here it comes blaming God for what didn’t go our way. Or the way we thought He told us it would go. But were you clear about what He wanted you to do? Or was it more of what you wanted to do? We must always be clear about what God is telling us so that we don’t step outside of His will. When we feel defeated emotions are on the rise, mostly anger and depression. Angry at God because we feel He left us. Or depressed because we feel like the world is over. The truth is God has never left our side!!! This is where FAITH comes in!

Haven’t you realized by now that a setback is a setup for a breakthrough!!! The enemy would LOVE for you to lose your faith in The Lord. He wants you to give up and be defeated so he can come in and totally destroy you. But you must hold tight to your faith. All we need is faith the size of a mustard seed.(Matthew 17:20) Some of you God has promised some things and you don’t see it manifesting yet…TRUST!(Hebrews 11:1) Keep the faith that it will come in God’s timing and not yours. DO NOT WALK IN DEFEAT WALK IN FAITH THAT GOD IS ALWAYS WITH YOU. REMEMBER HE KNOWS THE PLANS HE HAS FOR YOU! (JEREMIAH 29:11)